Miller Leith on the wall

Managing Partner

Stephen, proud husband and father is the mastermind behind Miller Leith’s conception.

Prior to establishing Miller Leith, Stephen had over ten years’ recruitment experience up his sleeve, ranging from large international firms in London to well known executive firms in Melbourne, with a successful track record for providing exceptional service within Supply Chain but more recently, senior executive appointments.

Stephen is described as the motivational and entrepreneurial leader at Miller Leith. But it’s his sheer determination and disciplined approach, along with his eagerness to deliver the type of service he felt the industry lacked, that has got him to where he is today.

A sharp and focused mind, combined with vast management experience in the Recruitment Industry makes Stephen your guide for all of your employment/business decisions.

It all seems to come naturally to Stephen, and his personalised and honest approach will have you won over before you finish drinking your cup of coffee.

What’s important to you?
That my family are happy, healthy, and loved.

What is something quirky about you?
It all really relates back to my name. I hate being called Steve, and for much of my childhood I only responded to my middle name; Andrew, not Stephen.

What motivates you about the Recruitment Industry?
That we get to support and guide candidates careers, and work with organisations undergoing positive change and often transformation.

My teammates would describe me as…
Hilarious… I’m serious.