Principal Consultant - Sales

Having spent three years working in Recruitment prior to joining Miller Leith, Lauren has a good idea of what it takes in order to ensure we get the process right.

Therefore, as Strategic Relationship Partner, Lauren operates very closely with the Leadership Team supporting the growth strategy for Miller Leith nationally, by overseeing various projects and account management plans that aim towards strengthening current relationships and offering and creating new long-term relationships for the business.

Lauren also enjoys leading our Corporate Social Responsibility program. Working closely with Love Me Love You, Lauren ensures our commitment to supporting youth mental health awareness remains at forefront of what we do.

Additionally, Lauren ensures that we continue to give back to the community, whether incorporating food, as an industry has provided so much to us, or specifically the GO foundation and leading workshops with the aim of supporting their mission of creating opportunities for indigenous youths through education.

Outside of Miller Leith, Lauren loves travelling, her dog Baxter, F45 and spending time with family and friends.

What’s really important to you?

Family, friends and my dog Baxter – he’s a real-life teddy bear!

Oh and wine and cheese – super important!

What motivates you about the recruitment Industry?

The relationships we build – The recruitment process is so important to get right and through this you really need to understand the business you’re working with, their culture and what they can offer a candidate long term. For the candidates it’s understanding what makes them tick and ensuring we match them with the right companies.

What’s something Quirky about you?

I laugh at my own jokes even though they couldn’t be less funny!! I also talk to my dog… but that’s totally normal.

My teammates would describe me as….

Loyal, friendly, open, hard worker, major sweet tooth & a bit of a softy!

What do you like about working with clients?

Every client and business are different, I enjoy getting to know the people and culture to ensure we get the fit right. I also enjoy working with clients to find new ways to evolve and strengthen our partnerships.

What do you enjoy about the industry (FMCG, retail etc.)?

Woking with brands I know and love!