Miller Leith on the wall

Senior Principal Consultant

Miller Leith’s most seasoned recruiter, Lachlan has lived and worked in Sydney for over 25 years and today supports the growth and expansion of Miller Leith in the Sydney market.

Lachlan has a diverse range of recruitment experience across Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Technical Operations. Initially building his experience within large recruitment companies, he has spent the past 15 years at small to mid-tier recruitment specialists.

Lachlan’s passion lies in meeting, and getting to know people. He loves supporting people to help shape and achieve their career goals, whilst getting to know them at a personal level. Equally, Lachlan loves playing a part to help shape the future direction and success of a business, by placing people that can grow, develop and add value.

Outside of Miller Leith, you’ll find Lachlan running his 2 sons around to their various activities, particularly soccer.

What’s really important to you?
My wife and children. Being a supportive husband, a good role model for my kids and demonstrating to them that through hard work, effort and commitment, positive results can be achieved.

Enjoying life, finding a balance and providing a stable environment for my family. Also being ethical and upholding my values in the way that I conduct business.

What is something quirky about you?
Having moved around a lot as a child, I lived in Malaysia for 3 years and learnt Bahasa Indonesian. My nickname at school was ‘Bowler’; not because of my cricket skills, because of my bowl cut hair style.

What motivates you about the recruitment industry?
I like that we get to have a positive impact on people.  I love building relationships with people and feeling that I’m adding value to both the candidates that I meet and the companies I partner with.

We help guide people on how they present to the market and we help people build their careers, which in turns, helps them shape their personal life.

Your teammates would describe you as…
An easy going person that is hardworking, supportive and (hopefully) good to have around the office. I’m normally an introvert, but I’m also someone who loves a good chat once you get me started.