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Managing Partner - New Business, Strategy & Brand

Katie grew up in a small country town in New Zealand and has been in Melbourne for over 10 years with extensive overseas travel in between. She is an experienced chef, food operations manager, trainer and coffee account manager. She has moulded her career into what she is most passionate about; connecting them all together – the Food Industry, Sales, and People.

Katie’s eyes light up as soon as you mention anything related to her passion; all things food or coffee, and she’ll be sure to pour these passions into any conversation you have with her.

Her commitment is towards ensuring that she understands exactly what her candidates and clients want, building strong relationships and long term partnerships across the industry. Katie always ensures she really ticks all the boxes and enjoys getting to know the brand and the culture of an organisation. She achieves this through her depth of knowledge, level of honesty, and experience working across sales and operations in the food industry.

You will find Katie at networking events, with friends, always on the go and looking for new connections. Her infectious smile, energy, and passion is the first thing you’ll notice about Katie.

What’s really important to you?
Family, friends, music and my two cats. Along with continually trying new things and being put out of my comfort zone. Ensuring that I’m always doing what I love.

What is something quirky about you?
I once got attacked by a pink dolphin in the Amazon Basin in Bolivia. I’ll never swim with dolphins again.

What motivates you about the recruitment industry?
We put people into jobs and coach people through their careers, which plays a huge part in their lives. Ensuring that they understand what they are going into and making sure that it’s the right step for their career is so important. It affects all aspects; social, family, emotional – everything. So when people call me to later down the track tell me what they are doing and that they love what they do, it’s so rewarding.

Your teammates would describe you as…
Energetic, positive, creative, always up for an adventure. They’d also mention my crazy laugh.