Miller Leith on the wall

Managing Partner

It all began with Joe; the second piece of the Miller Leith story. As owner and Director of Miller Leith, Joe has taken part in defining the strategy and vision for Miller Leith’s growth and culture and now manages various recruitment teams in Manufacturing and Technical, Supply Chain, and Procurement.

With Joe’s hands-on experience in Manufacturing Leadership, specifically within Supply Chain, Joe is an essential leader that brings creative and visionary leadership to his team, providing opportunities for their ideas and careers to flourish. Joe is constantly mentoring the team at Miller Leith towards becoming better professionals.

Joe enjoys connecting with businesses to really find out what they require in a new leader and professional. In understanding these requirements, in combination with his industry skills and experience, Joe is able to connect with candidates through providing more value than just a recruiter relationship, but also deep insight and understanding by speaking to them about their next career move.

Joe is the initiator of every joke and bad pun that passes through the office and brings comic relief to the Miller Leith team.

What is important to you?
Being “Eur-Asian”, its fairly simple; family, food, happiness, health, money.

What is something quirky about you?
I won a limbo competition in a mini skirt once – (If you ever meet me remember to ask about this).

What is it about the recruitment industry that motivates you?
I just love the interaction, talking to all kinds of people, understanding their stories, what really matters to them and finding out where I can help. If I can make people happy, whether its clients, candidates or industry groups that I speak with, and add value in any way, I get a kick out of it. Of course every recruitment professional loves that feeling of that perfect match of the right candidate for the right role, team and organisation, therefore, regardless of my role as a business owner and team leader, I will always recruit.

My teammates would describe me as…
Approachable (even when angry), risky jokester, likes to move around and dance, a softy; a real family man.