Miller Leith on the wall

Principal Consultant - Supply Chain

Jena’s friendly smile is the first thing you’ll see when you walk into Miller Leith.

As our Office Manager, she creates a wonderful and comfortable work atmosphere for the team. She does this with lots of energy and exciting suggestions, adding her humour even in stressful times.

Jena wears many various hats at Miller Leith; she is part HR, event coordinator, travel agent, accounts, social media, and whatever else she can be to help keep the Miller Leith machine running smoothly.

We love that Jena is always looking for ways to help our company flourish and run smoothly for all involved – clients, candidates & the team. She enjoys building relationships with our candidates and clients and is the social butterfly of the office.

Armed with skills of keen intuition, genuine interest in people, and intense process-orientation, she works closely with our Managing Director in an Executive Assistant capacity, as well as the entire team to ensure our vision is beautifully executed.

Outside of Miller Leith, you’ll find Jena playing netball, walking her dog Jax, camping, or adding to the abundance of stamps on her passport. One day, Jena intends to learn Spanish!

What is important to you?
My family, my friends (my dog), being an honest and good person. Ensuring that I live by my values, and surround myself with likeminded people who share similar values. Largely, my health and happiness, along with those around me, are the most important things.

What is something quirky about you?
I have a fear of buttons, not so much metal buttons, but plastic buttons. I can make an awesome whistle with my hands, crack my nose, I can do backflips. I watch every single movie with subtitles, you miss so much otherwise. Try it. I know how to get rid of hiccups. My first car was named “Jenchel” (don’t ask) it was an excel GX, dusty pink with spoiler.

What is it about the recruitment industry that motivates you?
I enjoy creating relationships with people, I enjoy that we celebrate the wins, the constant buzz in the office, It’s always a changing environment and I’m always met with different challenges. I’m inspired by the determination of those around me.

My team mates would describe me as…
Active, I’d hope mostly happy, friendly, reliable, eager to please and someone with a goofy sense of humour that has a lot of weird quirks.