Miller Leith on the wall

Senior Principal Consultant - Sales

Born and raised in country Victoria, Bobbi moved to Melbourne in 2013 and shortly after began her career in recruitment.

Having spent the earlier part of her recruitment journey in a client-facing role she made the move to a boutique sales agency. Drawing from her own experience in the building & construction industry, coupled with her sales and client management skill she naturally progressed into sales recruitment in the building/construction, and Architecture/Design industry.

She has built a strong network of candidates and clients among top tier construction firms, national and global manufacturers of building materials and with her persistence and ‘leave no stone unturned’ attitude has seen her be a preferred supplier for sales recruitment and career advice.

What is important to you?

The people around me. That they are happy, healthy, supported and above all feel loved. And that my daughter has the confidence to always be herself (but also listen to her mother)

What is something quirky about you?

I can pick up a spider, but I am petrified of moths! Being outside in summer under a light is a scary time for me! I am also fascinated by people and observing their interactions, I love people watching.

What is it about the recruitment industry that motivates you?

Connecting people! (I get to be a professional matchmaker)

I’m highly driven by finding solutions for others (in my work and personal life) and recruitment gives me the opportunity to do that every day, while being able to talk with great salespeople that love a chat.

The icing on the cake is seeing the positive effect it has for a candidate and client, when you have made that introduction that otherwise may not have happened, and success follows.

My teammates would describe me as…

Incredibly loyal, hardworking and funny, I tend to make people laugh a lot, even if they are shaking their head at the same time.