Over the past 7-years, I have regularly been complemented and asked about our very recognisable Miller Leith Chair.

Whether you are walking into our Melbourne Office in Oliver Lane or our Sydney Office in Foveaux Street, Surry Hills, our people, candidates and partners are greeted by the synonymous Miller Leith Blue Chair, some sit, some smile but everyone asks, “So what’s with the chair”?

Whilst I would love to claim that we toiled and brainstormed with some incredible marketing agency to conceptualise a deep and meaningful storyline, in reality, the chair found us and we ran with it.

In my experience when you’re starting out in business, there are balls in the air, so many risks you take, not knowing if any of them will work. You intrinsically trust your gut instincts, take a deep breath and hope that it works.

From the beginning the chair for me evoked a welcoming approach that I believe represents many of my strong personal and business values. Sure, it also represents a vacancy but a comfortable vacancy, and a time where it’s incumbent on Miller Leith to ensure you are totally comfortable during this exciting but stressful time in your career or career transition.

I truly believe that the Miller Leith Chair today represents your experience you’ve had with our people and is recognised for opportunity and support. 

The Blue Chair also represents risk & reward, taking the plunge in whatever you do and following your dreams no matter how big or small. The Miller Leith Chair represents many different emotions for me and many others, and as our business grow’s and continues to challenge itself, The Miller Leith Chair continues to provide many people far and wide with growth within their career and themselves.

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