Madonna in a blue suit

So it came to me… why are we hiding behind our blue suits, blue suits laced with brown belts and often shiny brown shoes. Why are we dressing by definition in what the industry has always told us to wear?

As the proud leader of Miller Leith, I get to collaborate and evolve our future every day.

This future is to continue developing and supporting the amazing team at Miller Leith. To help us realise our potential and help everyone truly understand that we are pioneers in what was a very controlled recruitment environment 5-years ago.

I have been fortunate in my career to have had some exceptional leaders that have taught me some incredible lessons around resilience, creativity and hard-work. I have equally had these same leaders teach me lessons of what not to do!

With these learnings I identified the change that recruitment required for both clients, candidates and recruiters alike.

Therefore, Miller Leith was born!

As a Managing Director, a position of trust, I believe and live by (3) simple values;

(1) treat others as you want to be treated

(2) reward effort and outcomes appropriately

(3) encourage and build an environment where people feel they are truly free to be themselves

Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand the need for structure, discipline and the roadmap to where we’re going and how we intend to get there, but too often this map is dictated by one or a couple of ‘leaders’ that haven’t truly listened to their people.

With 14 years-experience in the recruitment industry, it’s all I have ever known and for this 14-years I have always been told, wear a bloody blue suit!

Having been on this ongoing journey of who are we? Why do our clients love us? Why is our environment at work so much fun? And why does every Monday morning fill me and my team with excitement for what we are about to achieve this week?

The answer became clear; everyone here is free to be themselves. We are clear in our thinking, comfortable in our environment and are each contributing to our future, a future that is very exciting.

Miller Leith have decided to continue in our pioneering ways and dress exactly how we feel best represents our own individualism, together. Therefore, instead of being laced by brown belts and shiny brown shoes, Miller Leith consultants are draped in likability, personality and professionalism.

We have decided to burn our blue suits and have instead embraced our culture that continues to make us unique and much loved in this great industry.

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