2020 has presented as a year many of us would rather forget and will look back and be reminded of tragic bushfires, COVID-19, looming international tensions, recession, so what’s next for 2020?

I for one have had many moments of concern, anxiety and the need to want to fix things, but all we can truly fix is what we can control. Throughout my many challenges in life both personal and in my career, I have learnt that all we can control is our ability to see the world for all the positives and silver linings. I have been reminded daily over the past 3-months in particular all of the good in this world exists right in front of our face!

That call from a long-term client / friend to check in and see how you’re going, a beer over the fence with a neighbour chatting about life, or building a boat out of cardboard from any off-cuts that your 4-year old boy can find, COVD-19 hasn’t been that bad!

If we look hard enough and remember perspective, take that deep breath and smile, you can see all that’s great all around us.  The many lessons we have received will hold us in good stead. Its incumbent on us as a society to embrace these learnings and apply them going forward, whatever they may be.

Miller Leith has continued to evolve and grow through this period and I am so proud of our people, their resilience and focus to keep doing all the things that are truly authentic & powerful. We have welcomed some fresh faces over the past 12-18 months that have aligned with the fabric of DNA that has made us an exceptional business always putting others first.

This value of ‘give before you get’ has always been a strong cornerstone of Miller Leith and it’s this very value that has allowed us to get through this period with real perspective and determination.

I am proud that Miller Leith has made virtually no changes during COVID-19 and remains focused on personal growth and a desire to be the best in our field. Whilst we continue to punch above our weight, our brand is strong for all the right reasons and this has supported us during times of uncertainty.

So, as we head towards the second half of 2020, I want to say thank you for all of these kind acts, check-ins, partnerships and outstanding support we have received as a business and I have received personally.

In the meantime,  I’ll keep building the never-ending cardboard boat! Sail on!

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