My first month in recruitment has presented itself as the challenge that I knew it would be – Austin Beutler.


Joining recruitment had been a goal of mine for at least the past two years. When working as a Travel Consultant, whilst I had a massive passion for the travel industry and my time in travel is something I am grateful for beyond words, I always enjoyed being in environments where people mattered and I thought travel was going to give me that. But even when I was making peoples dream holidays come true, I had my eye on something else. I had built a wonderful relationship with the recruitment team and joining them at some point in my career was something I wasn’t going to let past me. Then it happened.




COVID-19, the ultimate dual-edge sword. Whilst I was fortunate enough not to be hiding in my house and found myself working and upskilling. I still wasn’t happy. But it did give me some breathing space and allowed me to do some soul searching and several months of research, which eventually led me to this wonderful company. Miller Leith. My new opportunity and my next step.


My first month at Miller Leith greeted me with everything I know I will need to succeed. Firstly, a team that wants you to succeed just as much they want to crush goals. At no point has anyone told me I couldn’t do something if I worked hard, whether it was becoming a leader or becoming the top-performing consultant within 3 years. This is what I needed, goals, aspirations, and most of all challenges. For the first time since COVID, life is finally back on track.


My major fear of being a small fish in a big pond again was immediately squashed after my first week. I never felt like I was chucked into any form of a deep end. I talked to people just like I would in my past experience. I built relationships. Started building a platform from which to succeed. I joined meetings where my voice was heard, and my work has helped contribute to my team. At the end of my first month here I already feel like a valued member here and an integral part of the company moving forward. It is refreshing to see a company that genuinely wants to know what you want out of your work life and be frank with you on how you’re going to help the company succeed in the future.


My advice for anyone wishing to join recruitment like myself is to ask yourself some very important questions:

  • Do you like working in an environment where you’re responsible for your own success? At the end of the day, success can only come from the work you put in no one is going to do it for you.
  • Do you have the confidence to just talk to people? You’re not going to get a new client or find the perfect candidate every phone call, but every phone call is just as important as the last one.
  • Do you truly believe that there is a job out there for everyone?


If your answer is yes, then ask yourself, what are you doing now? Have you considered recruitment? If so, feel reach out and I’d be happy to share further insight on my experience.


Recruitment is the path I’ve chosen, and I know that I’ve chosen the right company to help me with it. I can’t wait to see what I will accomplish in the next 12 months alone. Stay tuned.

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