It’s been over 3 months since I’ve made the move regionally to Warrnambool and I’d like to share some of my reflections on what has been a big life change.

When I went to my company director at Miller Leith, advising him of my decision to move I was a little surprised at how positive his response was. Had I asked him 12 months earlier whether or not I could continue my role remotely 3 hours from the city, I’m guessing the reception would have been different.

With a baby on the way, my partner and I decided it was best for us to be in a regional town with family support and where we could better afford to live.

There are so many reasons for more people moving regional; affordable housing, cleaner air, closer to nature, great communities, affordable services such as childcare, and avoiding godforsaken commuting, but the overarching factor in the last year I believe is that people can now move regionally and have a job just like they would in the city. For example, as a recruiter, I can still interview candidates and talk to clients via video conferencing and phone call as I could in the city. Dare I say many have accepted this as the new norm.


So what are some differences between Warrnambool life vs Melbourne life? It’s very same-same but different, and I’m sure this applies to most regional towns.

  • You might not be able to go to AFL games but regional community sport is great
  • Warrnambool might not have the Melbourne Cup but the Warrnambool May races Carnival is well renowned and a lot of fun
  • Whilst I miss the office and the comradery of being around colleagues, I do have the benefit of getting the occasional visitor to my home office….


FAQ’s since the move

Don’t you miss the cafes and restaurants?
Not really, towns like Warrnambool have great cafes and pubs too!

What are the job opportunities like regionally? While there aren’t the diverse opportunities like there are in the city, some roles are in high demand in many towns. I know (because I search for them) some towns can’t find the ideal candidate that they are looking for but are willing to give opportunities to individuals who are capable. So yes, maybe you can’t afford to be as picky for roles but often companies may fast track your skills & experience that you would not necessarily get in the city

What are some important lessons learned while working from home?


  • Staying in touch with colleagues regularly helps you feel connected
  • Try avoiding distractions. Turn off notifications to apps like Facebook
  • Like many people working from home, keeping a routine is important
  • Acknowledge when you are in a rut and need to go for a walk if necessary and not just back and forward to the food pantry!
  • Having a backyard as opposed to my small apartment balcony in Richmond definitely helps



My partner and I are very satisfied with our move and I’d like to thank Miller Leith for adapting and allowing me to continue with my role. Definitely reach out to us at Miller Leith if you’re considering changing careers or need assistance filling a position in your business. I’d love to chat to people with similar experiences or people who are considering making a regional change for work, so please sing out!




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