Miller Leith Sydney Office

Almost 15 years ago I committed myself to the recruitment industry, having fallen in love with the ability to support people through their career transitions.

It’s hard to explain why, but there is something so rewarding for me in helping others recognise what their career ambitions are, and knowing that I play a key role in helping these people achieve their goals. As recruiters, we are just the vehicle, but can offer so much support and advice In leading people towards making the right decision for them.

Sometimes a Recruiter’s career aspirations can go a little unnoticed and getting our own career support can be a dead end road!

8-years ago I was lucky enough to start working with McCain Foods. In supporting the Executive Supply Chain & Procurement team build, I came into contact with their Vice President of Manufacturing and Supply Chain – Asia Pacific Middle East and Africa, Gerry Farnell.

Gerry a was tough client who demanded that I think outside the square, and provide him with diverse options, taking into consideration what his business unit needed during a time of growth and change.

The pressure was on, but this is what I was built to do and deliver on. Over the next few months, Gerry and I shared some real success in building his team, and we’ve never looked back!

I quickly learnt Gerry’s real interest was not just Supply Chain and Manufacturing, but nurturing, guiding and listening to my career & life story, and we both learnt we shared similar values.

Gerry has worked all over the world transforming business operations and given that we share a passion and interest in the FMCG world, it wasn’t hard for the conversation to kick off!

So I took this opportunity in my stride and we have developed a friendship that has now extended across half of my working life. Gerry has supported me through business decisions, becoming a new husband and dad, offered friendship during tough times, but most of all, has always listened and provided advice when I’ve needed an ear to lean on.

As I’ve learnt recently, Gerry has ‘Stephen Borg’s’ all over the world that he mentors and it’s clear as day that he has an innate ability to guide and support people in many different aspects of their life.

This has become evident recently in Gerry’s career change to join Miller Leith.

1-month ago, Gerry became the Managing Director of Miller Leith’s new Sydney office, and for me, it’s not our outstanding first month result, but the smile on Gerry’s face, brimming with excitement and love for the recruitment industry that I am most proud of.

He is just loving it!

As we do here at Miller Leith, we took a risk!

Gerry offers so much in business and has all the attributes that fit the Miller Leith culture and duty of care that he provides to everyone.

Above all else, it’s my pleasure to be able to share Gerry and his ability to offer this level of care and support amongst our amazing team, and this has clearly transferred to all the candidates we deal with too.

Miller Leith’s Sydney office is based in Surry Hills and we welcome anyone considering a career discussion to come in and sit down with myself and Gerry to see how we can help! – It’s Time!

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