As the Miller Leith team has grown steadily over the past 6-years, so has our brand and what it stands for.

The name Miller Leith isย Clear & Strong, the ‘chair’ has become iconic, and the colours are contemporary.

We know that our brand reflects our high degree of care we have for every meeting, experience and journey we go on with our candidates and clients, and that our growth is evident now being a trusted brand Nationally.

Having launched our brand in Sydney earlier this year, Miller Leith has gone on to grow it’s association and support of many foundations and community awareness programs. We are prouder of this spirit we share, more than anything else at Miller Leith. 2018 has also seen us launch our 12:12 program. The 12:12 program is the 12 hours of community service we have each committed to over a 12-month period, yet another great initiative driven by the people of Miller Leith.

As we have grown and many things we do have evolved, we decided that despite our website receiving great feedback in the market, it was time to develop a new site. Recently promoted at Miller Leith, Bethany Holborn was entrusted with the support of our great friends at Optimising, to open the eyes into Miller Leith just that bit wider and add a bit more sparkle.

We wanted to create a place like we do in our offices, for our candidates to feel at home, to make the search for their ideal roles a seamless process like we do for our clients. We also want to push our people to the front of the queue for their tireless efforts in driving a community spirit. So, like we have so many times, Beth was given a task that seemed beyond her years and experience and ensured there was support around her to learn, execute and ultimately succeed.

It’s a hard thing as a business owner to let go, and in many ways give someone else the keys to the house you built. However, I’m not surprised that Beth & Optimising have delivered such a great product, and we are incredibly proud of her skill, patience and care for the candidate experience and our brand.

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