Blow out the cobwebs

Starting back to work after the Christmas and New Year’s break can be a struggle for even the most dedicated professional. You may have really enjoyed the extra time to yourself, with your family, or on that project you finally had time to work on.

This is why it can be so hard for some to slide back into their usual work routine.

A break provides time for you to not only enjoy your time at home, but also gives you the opportunity to reflect on your career over the past year; the good, the bad or indifferent.

What could I have done better? What extra responsibility am I looking for? How can I go ‘up’ an extra 25% next year?

Regardless of how you felt during your reflection, or what questions you asked of yourself, you know as a professional, that January is one of the most important months of the year.


Because January sets up your year!

How you approach January directly correlates to the success of your next year’s goals and ambitions. From maintaining your continuous motivation, improving your performance and productivity, and setting yourself a high standard of work for the coming year.

All of this will contribute and culminate in reaching your desired end of year results.

So, we know why we have to blow out the end of year cobwebs and get focussed quickly in January. But what can we do ‘NOW’ to aid in moving that process along as quickly as possible?

Here are 3 tips to get past the January struggle fast!

1. Get to work early.

The strangest thing happens when you are on break…. you bounce out of bed! But then suspiciously on the day you start back at work, you are incredibly tired when you hear the alarm.

Combat this by getting up quickly, eating a healthy breakfast, and arriving to work 20-30 minutes earlier than your usual start time.

This should kick you right back into gear!

**Probably find time for that much needed coffee while you’re at it.

2. Prioritise your first day back.

Are you a morning person or an afternoon person?

It doesn’t matter!

You need to just jump on the biggest, nastiest task you have, the one you might be dreading. Imagine starting your January accomplishing a major task! This is a sure-fire way to light your years motivational fire day one while everyone else around you slowly sifts through their inbox deciding what past e-mail still matters.

Worry about sorting through all your e-mails you missed later in the day.

3. Be realistic.

While you may have the greatest intentions to dominate the world in week one, if you’ve written a list and have 30 items to complete in a week, then you are probably setting yourself up to feel disappointed when you leave the office at the end of the week.

Prioritise! Set short, medium and long-term lists, divide your tasks into order and aim for 3 – 5 chunky tasks in the first week or two. You’ll go home on the weekend feeling great for completing them and motivated to get in on the next Monday and tackle tasks 6 through 10.

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