Love me, love you

How often have you heard, I wish I had done more? or why didn’t I know there was a problem?

This week, the team at Miller Leith committed themselves to listening to the journey of one of the bravest men I have heard in many, many years. We were reminded of the difference between mental health and mental illness and were each inspired by the openness of the founder of Love Me Love You, Lance Picioane. A foundation Lance created to drive awareness for mental illness.

Lance was a committed warrior on the football field and inspired many of his teammates with his bravery and courage. However, this week I personally learnt that his true bravery has been in his ability to create awareness for mental illness and I was truly blown away by his story!

Lance has taught Miller Leith the power of ‘checking in’ with each other, with family and friends in real conversations without distractions. The strength of entirely listening, and demonstrating a level of care is something we rarely see, with so many distractions in today’s busy life and society.

Having previously worked in organisations affected by mental illness, without a welfare program in place, I have learnt that my role as the leader of our great organisation, is to ensure preventative measures are in place, and that ‘real’ care is genuine. I am proud to provide an environment where communication is king and trust is free!

Miller Leith has developed a reputation for a genuine, fun and free culture where everyone is totally encouraged to be themselves, however we don’t hide away from the stress and pressure that exists within our industry. Whilst we love it, Recruitment is tough!

In a recruitment environment we have been trained to believe that we must assess our performance based on a financial result on the last day of every month. This comes with a rollercoaster of emotion that exists when things don’t go as planned. It can be a lonely place and can often feel like the deep hole is getting deeper and deeper!

Our goal at Miller Leith is to stick together and as a small family, continue to conquer the industry through hard-work and success. We are already very proud of our success and ability to be pioneer’s in our industry, however, this week I learnt, it can also be supported by our own collective ability to truly care for each other and simply have each other’s back time and time again.

Miller Leith have committed our total support to Love Me Love You in becoming their first corporate sponsor for 2017 and are excited about what we can do to help Lance and his amazing team to continuing to build awareness for the ‘beast’ that is mental illness.

If you or a loved one has been affected by mental illness, please contact

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