Miller Leith on the wall

Marketing Executive

With 8 years of practical experience, Rebecca’s passion & professional specialty is in providing strategic marketing solutions, communications, content management, brand development & graphic design services.

Rebecca has joined the Miller Leith team offering her skills in design & content creation, as well as her sound knowledge & comprehensive experience in marketing. This allows her services to have strong professional value, as well as considered strategy & purpose.

The pairing of her skills will equip the company with highly unique marketing & design solutions, that will ultimately enhance Miller Leith’s already exceptionally professional & competitive standard within the industry.

In addition to this, Rebecca has now lived in 6 different countries & 4 continents. Her global background has allowed her to broaden her interpersonal & cultural horizons, and equip her with the skills to be highly adaptable, resilient and open-minded.

What is important to you?

Family, friends, pets, nature, health, creativity & travel. To always speak & act with integrity & authenticity. To always being open to learning & developing on both a personal & professional level.

What is something quirky about you?

I spent my childhood as an expat-kid, travelling and living all over the world with my family.

What is it about the recruitment industry that motivates you?

The fast-paced, yet engaging nature of the work. I also enjoy creating & establishing meaningful professional relationships, which this industry provides lots of opportunity for.

My teammates would describe me as…

Funny, open-minded, approachable & collaborative:-)