Miller Leith on the wall

Principal Consultant - Manufacturing & Operations

Brought up one of 6 boys in the small country Victorian town of Minyip, he grew up in a well-natured but competitive environment. Well-travelled, his operations career led him from grain handling to almond processing and into the Dairy industry.

As an experienced manager at Manufacturing facilities, Mitchell knows a thing or two about building teams and what expertise a business needs to operate efficiently. Mitchell said he never claimed to be the smartest on a production site nor to know all of the answers, but would always seek the best people with the right solutions to drive his success.

This method has him well placed going into recruitment, knowing how to quickly gauge an individuals’ skillset and what they would bring to organisations. His dealings with Miller Leith came well before becoming a recruiter. Mitchell was a successful job candidate and client of ours before both parties thought they’d take the relationship to the next level

Mitchell isn’t hard to get along with, often heard discussing current affairs, Netflix or the latest sport results.

What is important to you?

The health & wellbeing of those close to me.

I can relate to the Sheryl Crowe line, ‘all I want to do, is have some fun.’

What is something quirky about you?

My brothers often refer to me as ‘guru’ due to having a brain banked with trivial sport knowledge and facts.

Some people are surprised to know that I’m a qualified snake handler also.

What is it about the recruitment industry that motivates you?

Understanding that businesses and staff are not always the best fit for each other, I enjoy being ‘wing man’ in finding the right match.

I enjoy that in this industry you’re always meeting new businesses, people and learning on a daily basis.

Your teammates would describe you as…

A wannabe DJ, pool shark and dancer.

Not the loudest in the room but often listening into conversations to chime in with a dad joke or pun.