Miller Leith on the wall

Director - Human Resources & Office Support

Karen is known as a passionate advocate for best practice recruitment, working with clients and candidates in a professional and caring manner ensuring the best possible outcomes for both. What she does is personal and she walks the talk.

Karen is a qualified HR Practitioner with a comprehensive understanding of the Melbourne market gained over 30 years actively assisting clients with their staffing requirements.   As a generalist with experience across most industry groups and all support roles and with specialist skills in HR and Executive Support, she is well positioned to not only advise but assist in identifying key talent.

She has enjoyed a rewarding career in the recruitment industry for over three decades working with some of Melbourne’s most successful brands.  She has built a stellar reputation for outstanding delivery and for the past fifteen years held senior leadership roles where she has also taken responsibility for training and mentoring teams.

Karen enjoys most the relationships built with both clients and candidates, she is people person who is authentic, honest and fun.

What is important to you?

What I do every day has to matter and have impact in a positive way.

What is something quirky about you? 

I love to laugh and to find fun in life because keeping the balance in our lives is key to thriving.

What motivates you about the Recruitment Industry?

At this stage of my life and career I feel an innate responsibility to give back and support people and their career journeys.  I have the knowledge and skills to help others and that is my purpose.

My teammates would describe me as …

Loud……you know when I am in the office, my laugh is unique!