Miller Leith on the wall

Senior Principal Consultant

Eilidh’s love for Melbourne, and It’s similarities to her hometown Glasgow, is one of the reasons she now calls Australia home.

With three years experience in recruitment, Eilidh focuses on mid-junior to senior positions across the planning function of Supply Chain, including but not limited to; Supply/Demand/S&OP Planning, Inventory, Production, Logistics and Transport roles.

She works with a range of businesses from large multinational companies down to small boutique firms. Through her intimate understanding of supply chain principles, Eilidh has the ability to work with a range of industries from food and beverage, retail and industrial manufacturing and has a knack for finding the right person.

Eilidh puts everything into relationships. She enjoys getting to know her clients inside out and learning about the culture of their business. She builds trust with candidates and enjoys an interview process at a more conversational level, which helps her to understand individual values and how she can play a part in individual career. She is very relationship driven and prides herself on being extremely personable.

Eilidh’s dedication towards her candidates is evident; she is often the receiver of warm wishes and thank you gifts in the office. Rightfully earned, Eilidh’s kind and caring nature makes it feel like she’s been around forever.

What’s really important to you?
Family, trust, being happy.

What is something quirky about you?
The sound of someone brushing their teeth totally freaks me out… I just have to walk away. My Scottish name Eilidh, translates to Helen in English. Oh and by the way, it’s pronounced “Hayley’ with out the ‘H’.

What is it about the recruitment industry that motivates you?
Job satisfaction of knowing that you’ve not only found the right candidate, but you’ve played a part in their career, their life, that you’ve helped someone make the right choice.

My team mates would describe me as…
The Silent assassin!