Miller Leith on the wall

Manager - Contracting

Dean specialises in Manufacturing and Engineering recruitment for Miller Leith. After almost 10 years working within industry, Dean brings a wealth of industry specific knowledge and expertise in how each position fits within a business structure and culture.

Dean is diligent in his execution, taking the time and care to visit sites, understand the candidate market, and being aware of the journey both his candidates and clients are undertaking.

A high understanding of the technical side of Manufacturing and Engineering allows Dean the opportunity to really listen to and understand clients and candidate’s cultural and team fit needs.

Dean’s childhood dreams of being a sports star, famous actor or rock star didn’t work out, but around the office he is still always up for a laugh and jumps at any chance to chat about anything sport, movies or music related.

What’s really important to you?
My loved ones, my career and my sport.

What is something quirky about you?
I am somehow drawn to struggling sports teams! Melbourne Demons, Charlotte Hornets, New York Jets, Wigan Athletic… If it wasn’t for Melbourne Victory I would be a continually heartbroken cellar dweller.

What motivates you about the recruitment industry?
I know this sounds scripted, but I am honestly motivated by helping good people, who are passionate and care about their careers, get into good businesses and opportunities.

Your teammates would describe you as…
Effervescent, witty and trustworthy.