Miller Leith on the wall

Executive Support / Office Administrator

Carol grew up in central Victoria and moved to Melbourne in 2005 where she took up a post working for a major metropolitan newspaper on their (90-year-old) kids page which she found personally rewarding.

Since then she has gathered a wealth of experience in stakeholder management spanning various industries, most recently in print manufacturing in the creation of printed collateral for marketing professionals and creatives. She is new to recruitment and is excited to be engaged in the industry.

Outside of work you will find Carol tending to her indoor plants, trying to restrain herself from buying more (there’s over 50), or exploring new places outside the city. She loves up-cycling, and being in nature is where she is most at peace.

What’s really important to you?
Being connected to my friends and family and ensuring they are happy and healthy by putting my hand up to help them where I can. Sometimes family is number one, and my cat comes a close second. Maybe he comes first…it depends on the day…and the family member.

What is something quirky about you?
I once started a new job and had laryngitis for the first couple of days. It made communicating with my colleagues interesting.

What motivates you about the recruitment industry?
It’s exciting to be involved in recruitment at a time of growth. To see the team working tirelessly to build relationships between candidates and clients for a mutually beneficial outcome is pretty cool.

Your teammates would describe you as…
Helpful, honest and friendly.