Miller Leith on the wall

Commercial Operations Manager

Having started at Miller Leith in 2016, Bethany quickly established herself as the go-to person, and today, leads the key functions of the business such as Administration, Finance, Human Resources and our Marketing as the Commercial Operations Manager.

Bethany loves a challenge and is a strategic thinker who enjoys working with cross-functional teams with a variety of skills and experience, as well as collaborating with the Senior Leadership team.

She always has all hands on deck, and thrives working for a company that is continuously evolving, and offers such a sense of community, family and shared values amongst the team.

Even though only her mother calls her Bethany, she’ll happily go by the name of Bethany, Beth, or the more recently created, Betty.

When Bethany isn’t balancing a variety of projects, you’ll find her planning her next holiday, spending time at the beach or failing drastically at her Sunday baking attempts.

What’s really important to you?
Health, happiness, friends, family & my husband. Travel and always seeking new experiences.

What is something quirky about you?
Where do I start? On weekends you’ll find me befriending random strangers’ dogs. I failed my driver’s licence test before I even left the car park. To this day, I still can’t tie my shoelaces or hold a pen correctly.

What motivates you about the recruitment industry?
Definitely how much an organisation’s culture comes into play. I think the future of finding talent is shaping towards company culture becoming so much more important than I ever thought before joining the recruitment industry. We work in an industry that’s success is weighted so much towards building relationships.

Your teammates would describe you as…
Sarcastic humour, clumsy, caring, the mother hen of the group… full of surprises. A real contrast… It depends which day you catch me on. And of course, I couldn’t forget sassy,… especially on Fridays.