Miller Leith on the wall

Career Services Manager

Anika’s psychology credentials and experience across a diverse range of industries has provided her with the ability to effectively manage all aspects of client services by building trusted client relationships, supporting innovative organisational solutions and delivering a strong commitment to service delivery.

Anika is also a highly capable professional coach with a passion for developing human potential and inspiring others to achieve success, reach their career goals and cultivate high performance. Anika draws on psychology methodologies and solution focussed techniques to support wellbeing, build confidence and provide successful career management strategies to support an individual on their career journey.

Anika provides a positive, genuine and insightful approach to every interaction for both career and business outcomes.

Outside of Miller Leith, you will find Anika running (literally) after her two young children, going on family adventures, enjoying dinner or game nights with friends and working on renovation projects with her husband, which usually comes about by Anika saying ‘I have had an idea…’.


What’s really important to you?
The people closest to me, my family – particularly my two young children, my friendship groups and being able to work in a specialist area I enjoy.

What is something quirky about you?
I am a cautious thrill seeker! – jet ski’s, sky diving but always a calculated risk.

What motivates you about the recruitment industry?
Partnering with clients to provide meaningful support for their business outcomes. Career development is something that people work on throughout their entire professional lives, there is no singular pathway to be followed which means my work is always varied and challenging.

Your teammates would describe you as…
Quiet until you get to know me. Professional and diligent. Have perfectionist tendencies (draw your own conclusion).