Principal Consultant - Contracting

Growing up on a family farm and Bed and Breakfast in rural Ireland, Aideen has always been around people, which is probably where her chatty nature comes from!

As someone who wanted to complete her Masters in Employment Relations Law and HR she decided to move into Recruitment. She ended up working for a global Recruitment company, starting up a new Life Science business travelling all throughout Ireland as she recruited in Manufacturing, Production & the Technical space for the better part of a year.

Having spent 6 years in Galway, whilst studying law, Aideen was always told Melbourne was a similar culture and decided to find out if it was true.

Irelands loss, was Miller Leith’s gain and now Aideen recruits across Manufacturing, Production & Technical which is anything from Quality Assurance to Maintenance Managers and everything in between.

Aideen is great to have a laugh with and has an accent and wild laugh that will draw you in from the start!

What is really important to you?

My family, especially since I’ve moved away. My friends (especially the 5 Irish girls here + 3 on the way to Melbourne) and I guess having an open mind.  I love travelling and trying new things.

What’s something quirky about you?

My friends always say I’m a neat freak. My wardrobe is colour coordinated, and each coat hangers has to be spaced the same distance apart.

I’m also petrified of butterflies and bananas. I think it’s been instilled in me since early childhood. 

What motivates you about the Recruitment industry?

I think it’s the people. I really enjoy meeting new people and then getting the pay off of when they have those “feel good” moments and achieving for them what they want out of the interaction too.

I love learning about new industries, having gone from law, to pharmaceuticals to clinical research to now FMCG, that’s what keeps me motivated.

My team mates would describe me as…

Wild laugh, chatty, unique, definitely a bit mad… but hopefully in a good way.