Navigating the employment market for “C” Suite Executives and Senior Professionals is getting harder and harder. Therefore, one of the most essential life-skills any Executive needs to have in today’s competitive employment market is the ability to future-proof their own career interests.

Are you investing the time and effort required to maintain stability in your career journey?  If the answer is no or you are not sure, then please join us for a free two-part webinar series in early-2021 where you will learn how to future proof your career interests.

To optimise the value that you will gain from these webinars, we recommend that you watch both Session One and Session Two respectively.

Session One

This session will be covering the following topics:

• Evaluating risk & career continuity
• Internal executive sponsorship
• Transition readiness.

Session two

This session will be covering the following topics:

• Rectifying transition readiness
• Networking for future career interests
• Career decision making.

It’s essential that you’re asking yourself the right questions in order to maintain your career stability and continuity and the Transition Readiness Check List is a great reference tool to get you started.



Key Speaker

Richard Dixon – Director of Career Services

Richard has over 25 years’ experience in executive corporate development roles within ASX, multi-national and private equity-backed companies across a variety of industries that include Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Industrial Services, Education and Professional Services.

Over the past 15 years, he has specialised in supporting Executives and Senior Leaders to proactively manage their career interests, through high-performance coaching and end to end Career Transition support.

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