The power of positivity

As a young business owner of a growing business and father of two amazing kids under 4-years old, life for me and my wife is busy – managed chaos!

Like so many others, you spend so much time moving forward and trying to be better each and every day, you never allow yourself the time to reflect and simply smile at your mini milestones and don’t often pat yourself on the back. Both at home and in business, I try to do everything with my values at the forefront of my actions.

This year, Miller Leith has grown in so many ways and so has the pressure.

For me personally, pressure and ‘having a crack’ drives me, and I thrive on it. As 2017 draws to an end, I find I have learnt one valuable lesson: The power of positivity.

For many years I have let this pressure affect my positivity and distract me, but in 2017 I have truly learnt that having great people around me in business and at home, is something I have never appreciated and recognised so much! Reassurance, encouragement and support are the pillars for resilience and I have this around me in spades!

It’s allowed me to remain and embrace positivity like never before.

Whenever you decide to grow, in whatever way you define growth, this can be scary, it’s an unknown sometimes. Will I grow? Will we grow? What if it doesn’t work?

It always works out if your mind is positive and you’re a glass half full type of person, and this can depend on those you have in close quarters. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to be planned and cautious, but backing your decisions with positivity can and will drive the outcomes you’re looking for.

This blog is to shout out to those that make Miller Leith a special place to work, and for all who support what we’re about, you know what that is.

Having recently celebrated our 5-year anniversary, it reminded me of the reassurance, encouragement and support I have received from my wife from the very beginning and the awareness I wouldn’t have created something so very special without her support.

Equally this positivity of character is an unquestionable personality trait in my business partners, the true hero’s and leaders of Miller Leith, they honestly make me look good!

As we get excited about launching our Sydney office in 2018, I have never felt more positive and uplifted about our future, and want to use this time of the year to thank everyone for their support.

Merry Christmas from the team at Miller Leith!

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