A Message from our Founding Partner, Stephen Borg

Whilst 2020 has been a year many of us would rather forget, it has also bought about a year which has truly tested our resilience, values and togetherness. I’m not going to lie, there were moments of pure fear not knowing what would come of all of this hard work and commitment over the past 8 years!

Throughout this journey, Miller Leith has stayed true to course in its unrelenting and unwavering commitment to putting people first. One of our core values, ‘give before you get’ has always been a strong cornerstone of Miller Leith. It is this core value that has allowed us to get through the challenges and grow over the past 8-years. That being said, this value has never more evident than in 2020.

Throughout many challenges in my career, I have come to understand that all we can control is our ability to see the world for all the positives, silver linings and putting people first. This year, 2020, we have never asked more of our people and asked for compromise at times to ensure we remain a strong business at the top of our game and remain together. To put it simply, they’re response throughout 2020 has been humbling and demonstrates the people always come first.

I have also been humbled by our long-term partners and new partners that have wanted to grow with us, recognising that in times like this we go where we trust! Trust good service, honesty, strong values and hard work. As custodians of brands, and representatives of candidates, caring and honouring these two has never been more important, and that’s what our people do so well.

If we stop, breathe and remember perspective, you can see all that’s good all around us. The many lessons we have received will hold us in good stead and 2020 and our 8th year anniversary has never been a more appropriate time to do this.

Miller Leith has continued to evolve and grow throughout this period and as we enter our 9th year, Miller Leith has never been stronger, more focused and ready to support people and businesses grow, develop or repair careers and businesses. Whilst we continue to punch above our weight, our brand is strong for all the right reasons.

Therefore, as we head towards 2021, I would like to say thank you to all of the kind acts, check-ins, partnerships and outstanding support that I have received personally and as a business.

May you enjoy a safe, healthy & happy holiday period.

From Stephen Borg & the Miller Leith Team


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