Heidi of Miller Leith

Recruiter, Harry Potter enthusiast, heritage house admirer, low-key gym junkie and mint chocolate obsessed.

When I left regional Victoria after completing VCE in 2008, I was a bright eyed, naïve 17-year old with my bags packed ready to hit the ‘big smoke’ and commence study in Biomedical Science at La Trobe University. I didn’t know where I’d end up, but who does at that age?

Fast forward to the day where I sat with my mortar board hat, HECS debt and token graduation bear. I had been working part time in a laboratory for the best part of three years whilst studying and didn’t know any different so “laboratory technician” seemed like the best thing to plug into SEEK.

After submitting applications to a number of jobs and anxiously waiting for an outcome, I found myself waiting nervously to go in for an interview at a recruitment agency. One thing lead to another and before I knew what was happening, I was being interviewed for a Scientific Recruitment Consultant role instead of a laboratory one. Not only was I unaware of what being a Recruiter meant, but hadn’t I just spent the past three years working towards a different career? The recruiter (who ended up being my boss) assured me that I was a fast learner, great with people, and I would pick it up as I went.

Four years later, I find myself looking back and reflecting. There have been some incredibly challenging times where it would have been simple to quit and try something else but whether it was resilience or pure stubbornness, I pushed through. Recruitment wasn’t something I expected to like, nor was I sure that I would be good at it. Finding your feet in the workforce takes time and it’s only possible by surrounding yourself with the right people.

Take a chance once in a while and give it a go, you never know what you may find. Having just accepted a promotion to Senior Principal Consultant, I am extremely excited to launch a new division for Miller Leith – Human Resources and Business Support.

The blogs to follow will be snippets of life as a recruiter, the trials and tribulations of beginning something new, and the not-so-glamourous days when the only answer is mint chocolate and a boxing session.

We never have to leave Hogwarts, just don’t let You Know Who stop you from trying something a little bit different.

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